Rejoice & Resilience

Rejoice and Resilience is a faith-based mental health support group. We have groups for individuals living with a mental disorder and separate groups for loved ones/friends of those individuals. Trained leaders who also have been impacted by mental illness lead the groups.

What is Rejoice & Resilience?

Since January 2018, we have been providing a safe, confidential, small group setting with a focus on moving towards a higher level of wellness in our lives. We meet to gain a deeper understanding of mental disorders, to develop a community of caring and support, and to identify and learn skills and tools to develop resiliency in our lives.


We use a workbook during our sessions which you can purchase ($20) the first time you attend. (If you cannot afford the workbook, please talk to one of the leaders). There are 16 topics covered in the Spring Session and Fall Session each year.


We use resources provided by Mental Health Grace Alliance out of Waco, Texas. We encourage you to explore their website for resources, excellent information, and webinars. 


Summer 2021 Session

Dates: Meets on June 27, July 18, and August 15

Time: 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. 

Location: Community Celebration Church (enter through the east doors) 

Register here


*NOTE: You can join at any time during the course of the sessions. 


Topics covered in the sessions include: Identity, Mental Health Recovery, God is Bigger Than Our Weakness, Medication, Whole-Health Renewal, Renewing Your Mind, Rest Relaxation & Joy, and Managing Stressors. 


For more information or to register, call the church office at 507-634-1463 or contact Russell Lucas for additional information.